Models of Disability

Definitions and the language used are important because they form the basis of models. Models are not scientific or philosophical theories or ideologies. They are merely ways of looking at things or situations. There are two predominant models of disability

Medical Model

Under the Medical Model, disabled people are defined by their illness or medical condition. They are disempowered: medical diagnoses are used to regulate and control access to social benefits, housing, education, leisure and employment. The Medical Model promotes the views

Social Model

The Social Model has been developed by disabled people in response to the Medical Model and the impact this has on their daily lives. Under the Social Model, disability is caused by the society in which we live and is

Independent Living

Independent Living is a right shared by everyone in Scotland. It is a legal right and a human right. It means we are all entitled to have choice, control, dignity and freedom over our own lives so that we can