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What is Inclusive Communication?

Inclusive communication means sharing information in a way that everybody can understand.

For service providers, it means making sure that you recognise that people understand and express themselves in different ways.

For people who use services, it means getting information and expressing themselves in ways that meet their needs.

Inclusive communication relates to all modes of communication:

  • Written information
  • Online information
  • Telephone
  • Face to face

Inclusive communication makes services more accessible for everyone. It will help to achieve successful outcomes for individuals and the wider community. It enables people to live more independently and to participate in public life.

The concept of accessible is simple: make everything easy to access, simple to understand and your message will go further.

People with communication support needs face exclusion and discrimination every day.  Accessible information is giving information in a way that is accessible to as many people as possible.  To make information accessible you need to think about the language you use, and how you present it.  Accessible information is part of Inclusive Communication.

‘Include Us All’ – Inclusive Communication Hub

This Inclusive Communication Hub has been developed for anyone with an interest in improving their inclusive communication tools and processes. The Hub aims to promote inclusion and accessibility in its content and structure. Throughout this Hub you will find helpful resources in the Library, Case Studies and Blogs from organisations and individuals, details of training and the latest news on Inclusive Communication.

This Hub provides tools and guidance on how to make your information accessible. 


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Title: Scotland’s Inclusive Communication Hub 

During 2015 The Scottish Accessible Information Forum (SAIF) and the Scottish Disability Equality Forum (SDEF) formed a Consortium to develop an Inclusive Communication Hub for Scotland.  The Consortium contributed with their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the development of this Hub. The Scottish Government are now supporting SDEF, SAIF and Sense Scotland to take forward the development of this Hub during 2016.

The Inclusive Communication Hub will be the first of its kind for Scotland.  This will be an easy to use online tool, for all who wish to be more inclusive with the information they deliver.

Inclusive Communication is, quite simply, communication that is inclusive.  It is an approach to communication which enables as many people as possible to access and engage with organisations.

The purpose of the Inclusive Communication Hub will be to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for information on Inclusive Communication in Scotland.

A lot of good work has been done already by many organisations throughout Scotland but finding this information can be difficult.  The aim of the Hub would be to have a central place for all this information to be kept or signposted to.

An Advisory Group is now being established to recognise the passion and long term commitment of individuals and groups currently working to improve Inclusive Communications in Scotland.

If you are interested in being a member on the Advisory Group, please contact: Morven Brooks, Communications Manager, Scottish Disability Equality Forum, Tel: 01259 272063, Email: morven.brooks@sdef.org.uk

Your feedback is vital in the development of this Hub, to ensure that everyone can find the information they need to support those needing communication support.

Tell us what you think! http://includeusall.org.uk/tell-us-what-you-think

Notes to editors:

  • Scottish Disability Equality Forum (SDEF) is a membership organisation which seeks to promote independent living, removing barriers to inequality for those affected by disability in Scotland. Website: http://sdef.org.uk/
  • Scottish Accessible Information Forum (SAIF) aims to make information accessible to everyone who needs it. SAIF does this by raising awareness and understanding of the importance of accessible information and by providing a range of guidance, advice and practical support to information providers across Scotland. Website: http://www.saifscotland.org.uk
  • Sense Scotland was formalised as a charity in 1985. It grew quickly, from its beginnings as a small group of families pressing for services for their children, who were affected by deafblindness, many because of maternal rubella. Since then, the organisation has gone on to successfully support thousands of disabled people and their families, in thousands of projects and services, throughout Scotland. Website: http://www.sensescotland.org.uk

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